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  • The eVestment© database is the industry’s most in-depth data source. It is populated with information on over 9,000 investment products spanning the full range of asset classes and investment styles.
  • The Morningstar© database has over 25,000 mutual fund managers across all styles and asset categories. The data comes from the investment management firms reporting to the databases.
  • Winham Portfolio Advisor allows for both historical and projected asset returns, standard deviations, and correlations to be modeled to build efficient portfolios that meet our clients’ risk and return parameters.
  • The Wilshire Cooperative© provides an advanced performance measurement and attribution reporting system to participating firms
  • This serves as our platform for our customized performance reporting, analytics and universe comparisons. Utilizing the strength of the Wilshire systems, we are able to accurately compute client performance across investment managers and asset classes. This is the premier service of its type in the financial industry, with:
    • Total fund and portfolio-level performance universes,
    • Sophisticated attribution analysis,
    • Holdings-based style and characteristic analysis, and
    • Electronic transfers with many master and custodial banks.